[GRASS-user] Help needed for ascii point export

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Mon Apr 14 23:25:10 PDT 2014

Thomas Adams escribió:

>> I have a collection of points that represent the centerline of a 
>> river. I need to output them in upstream to downstream order (or the 
>> reverse). A simple v.out.ascii does not do this because of the channel 
>> meanders. It's critical to get the x,y locations of these points in 
>> the correct order.

jctorres wrote:

> Hello
> You can create a map of these points contining the elevation as
> attribute. Once you output this map you could sort points using the
> elevation values.

> you can do this for instance using v.to.rast to convert the points to
> raster, them combine this map with elevation using r.mapcalc
> (assigning elevation to the points), and them output the map using
> r.out.xyz.
> To sort the points you can use any sort program or a spreadsheet.

Who will believe (me) that I was about to send this same idea?

Thanks, Nikos

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