[GRASS-user] surface interpolation with breaklines

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Mon Feb 3 09:55:49 PST 2014


trying to generate a DEM from a photogrammetric vector input file
(elevation points, contour lines, and breaklines), I decided to run the
v.triangle addon. The main reason is the local topography has many
ridges and deep gulleys and I want to incorporate a breaklines vector
map in my interpolation process.

Unfortunately v.triangle output is a TIN, and I wish I could turn it
into a raster elevation map.

Would anyone help me figure out how I could perform this conversion,
given that I would rely on a linear interpolation method within
triangles faces (the result would be close to what r.surf.nnbathy does,
except nor this addon does support breaklines).

Exporting a vtk file out of grass I tried to explore capabilities of
other software like Paraview and MEshLab, but without results...

Thank you,

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