[GRASS-user] [GRASS-dev] Object-based image classification in GRASS

Michael Barton Michael.Barton at asu.edu
Wed Feb 12 15:21:30 PST 2014

The names aren't too far off, but I admit that they are not completely obvious.

To think about potential replacement names it is good to think what they do.

r.univar calculates aggregate statistics for values across all cells of a map
r.stats (which to me has the most confusing name) will provide cell counts or areas for each value for all cells in a map
r.statistics calculates aggregate statistics of values in a map that are overlain by clusters of cells in another map

Some ideas

r.univar -> r.mapstats
r.statistics -> r.coverstats
r.stats -> r.mapsummary

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> think of simply using "r.statistics2"  and  providing an input  "cover=" map

btw, it remembers me that we haven't yet decided about renaming
`r.statistics2` and `r.statistics3` to any reasonable name...

And they confuses with r.stats and r.univar. And r.univar is the most basic one from these, I would say, and has the most cryptic name.

Is the merging (some of) them together still an option?



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