[GRASS-user] Areal Interpolation with GRASS GIS

Tahir Tamba tahir.tamba at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 14:52:37 PST 2014


I like to know if Grass has the Areal Interpolation method based on the
kriging model . I'm working on a project for which we have data on the
volumes of contaminated soils. This volumes are represented by polygons
data containing estimated volumes for 4 variables used from Quebec
Environment Ministry  classification grid for contaminated soils.

However, we do not have data that characterize the whole metropolitan area
and we would like to experiment the Areal interpolation method based on
kriging to generate grid volumes interpolation  in order to transpose the
it on the limits of locations  where any characterization have been
performed. We have delineated location for the entire metropolitan area
where data for which we want to have the volume of contaminated soils.

If Grass doesn't implement this algorithm is there any method using kriging
to perform this kind of work?

By searching on the subject, I found that only Geostatistical Analyst ESRI
in recent versions include this method. Am I wrong?

Thank you for any help, cue and ideas for reaching our goals.

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