[GRASS-user] Areal Interpolation with GRASS GIS

Kapo Coulibaly kmcoulib at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 16:18:21 PST 2014

Hi Tahir,

As far far as I know most kriging modules in GRASS were discontinued. But
v.krige is being developed in GRASS7 and it will do just what you are
after. see here:

But if you are willing to invest more time you can  run R Within GRASS and
it will give you access to a whole array of geostatistical options through
packages like gstat, geoR ...etc. Google R+GRASS and you will find a lot of
information on how to do it.
You can start here:

Hope it helps.


On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 5:52 PM, Tahir Tamba <tahir.tamba at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I like to know if Grass has the Areal Interpolation method based on the
> kriging model . I'm working on a project for which we have data on the
> volumes of contaminated soils. This volumes are represented by polygons
> data containing estimated volumes for 4 variables used from Quebec
> Environment Ministry  classification grid for contaminated soils.
> However, we do not have data that characterize the whole metropolitan area
> and we would like to experiment the Areal interpolation method based on
> kriging to generate grid volumes interpolation  in order to transpose the
> it on the limits of locations  where any characterization have been
> performed. We have delineated location for the entire metropolitan area
> where data for which we want to have the volume of contaminated soils.
> If Grass doesn't implement this algorithm is there any method using
> kriging to perform this kind of work?
> By searching on the subject, I found that only Geostatistical Analyst ESRI
> in recent versions include this method. Am I wrong?
> Thank you for any help, cue and ideas for reaching our goals.
> Regards
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