[GRASS-user] Gauss filter in r.neighbors

Martin Album Ytre-Eide Martin.Album.Ytre-Eide at nrpa.no
Thu Oct 2 03:44:55 PDT 2014


I am using the the r.neighbors function and I have an idea about what the 'Gauss' parameter will do for me, but I can't find any documentation for it. Experimenting with it, left me clueless.

What I won't to do:
Apply a Gaussian weighting of cell neighbors and sum the values of the neighbors. If all cells=1, I would get  only 1's back. I have a map of zeros and ones. I tried this:

r.neighbors -c input='input_map' output='output_map' method=sum gauss=10 size=33

The result is a map with only zeros. So, my question is: What does 'gauss' do? I' am guessing I am using it wrong but I would like to know.

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