[GRASS-user] Installing r.surf.nnbathy in GRASS 7 beta raster addon

Pankaj Kr Sharma pkscwc at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 02:10:30 PDT 2014

Dear group,

I tried installing r.surf.nnbathy addon with grass 7.1 and was successful
after some struggle.

Steps which I tried and which worked for me are listed below:

Steps Tried:

At present, downloading the r.surf.nnbathy from grass7 raster addon svn
will download three links file only. This won't work unless you have
corresponding grass6 files stored on your computer in correct place.

So, download the grass 6 version of this addon. Rename the
"description.html" to "r.surf.nnbathy.html". And, try to run the Makefile.
It kept on ending with errors.

Step which worked:

Then I stumbled upon the website:


I followed the instructions and it worked with one more step as given below:

I had to add PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH  followed by " sudo ldconfig" from
grass gis command window itself to get the "nnbathy -v" working.

Happy "r.surf.nnbathy" in the end.

Hope, it helps.
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