[GRASS-user] r.horizon: gives only elevations of 0 in all directions using Grass demo data

ttessier at solaradata.com ttessier at solaradata.com
Mon Sep 8 01:37:20 PDT 2014


Using Grass 6.4.4 on Windows 7 on one computer and on Windows XP on
another computer, we are only getting elevations to the horizon of
0.00000,-0.000000 at all angles. We are using the elevation models
included in the demonstration sites for North Carolina and South Dakota.
Tried many combinations of input and always receive the zeros as the
answer. In one case, I tried putting in the same input as in the manual
page for r.horizon:

r.horizon elevin=elevation direction=215 horizonstep=0 bufferzone=200

Still produces zeros. Any ideas?



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