[GRASS-user] Problems installing addons to Ubuntu 14.04 fresh setup

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Mon Sep 22 09:01:33 PDT 2014

On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 12:09 AM, Jakob Breivik Grimstveit
<jakob at grimstveit.no> wrote:
> Hi,
> Installed Grass GIS 6.4 using apt-get install and started using it. Seems
> fine, no errors upon startup, but I get this error when installing addons.
> What am I doing wrong?
> (Sun Sep 21 19:17:37 2014)
> g.extension.py extension=r.basin
> svnurl=http://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass-addons/grass6
> Fetching <r.basin> from GRASS-Addons SVN (be patient)...
> Compiling...
> /usr/lib/grass64/include/Make/Grass.make:423: warning:
> overriding commands for target
> `/home/snarrald/Desktop/Grass'
> /usr/lib/grass64/include/Make/Grass.make:414: warning:
> ignoring old commands for target
> `/home/snarrald/Desktop/Grass'
> /usr/lib/grass64/include/Make/Grass.make:423: warning:
> overriding commands for target
> `Data/GBNP/PERMANENT/.tmp/Pingwinindabox/2206.0/r.basin/bin'

Is it possible that your directory is called:

/home/snarrald/Desktop/Grass Data/

with a white space between s and D?

If yes, please rename it to GrassData, it may be that g.extension in
GRASS 6.4 (still) doesn't manage to cope with white space in path


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