[GRASS-user] 64 bit Python in GRASS 6.4.2

Orr, Andrew B. aorr at anl.gov
Fri Sep 26 07:46:06 PDT 2014

Hello all,
I've been working on a r.cost and r.drain python script that is using very large rasters. I've been running into some memory issues with this script due to the size of the rasters. I read about setting the amount of memory that the map can be stored in with the "percent_memory=xx" argument for r.cost, however the performance of running the script is becoming a problem (it takes too long to run for our goal).

I then started watching the Task Manager and noticed it was peaked out at less ~4 gigs of ram and I realized it's only a 32 bit version of Python installed with GRASS.
My question is: is there a compatible 64 bit version of Python for GRASS 6.4.x, and if so, how does one install it?

Thanks for your help!
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