[GRASS-user] Run grass console from a cronjob

Blumentrath, Stefan Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Wed Aug 26 07:38:03 PDT 2015


Did you provide full paths?
E.g. "~/my.tif" would not work for cronjobs, you would have to use "/home/user/my.tif" instead.

Not sure if also the path to the command to execute has to be complete (e.g. /bin/grass70 ...)...


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I'm try to run a grass session from a cronjob The cron execut a bash script where I try to execute

grass70 -text -c /path-to-geotiff/file.tif -e /grassdata/mapset_location

If I try the bash script from a console it run good and without any problem.
Bu if I try to execute the script from a crontab.
It stop to execute when try to do:

grass70 -text -c /path-to-geotiff/file.tif -e /grassdata/mapset_location

Is the grass suitable for a cronjob ?


Andrea Peri
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