[GRASS-user] neither monitor <managed by d.mon command> nor grass_render_imidiate defined

Alec Ventura alecventura at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 13 16:17:55 PST 2015

So, this error happens when i try to run the d.vect command on python console:
g.run_command('d.vect', map='bore0 at Map')
strange is that d.vect runs fine on command console, but as im iterating on a list, i need to run on python.
I have found this issue that outputs a similar error:https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/2521
but when i tried to run the 'd.mon wx0' command it gives the error:
Command 'd.mon' not yet implemented in the WxGUI. Try adding it as a command layer instead.
Any tips? should i go to linux instead? the problem in that i didnt found a easy install for Grass 7 on Debian, and the apt-get reference was (last week) pointing to 6.4.4 yet.
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