[GRASS-user] How to categorize my areas

Alec Ventura alecventura at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 14 14:43:54 PST 2015

I have a vector with some points (about 80) and im generating a buffer around then:g.run_command('v.buffer', input='PocosUTM22s', output='boreholesGrassBuffer', type='point', distance='1000')
then i want to extract then one by one so i can make a 3d area with extrude command, the problem is that when i run the extract:
v.extract -d list=1 input=boreholesGrassBuffer output=test1 type=area
my test1 vector has all the points, if a undestand correct the list parameter of v.extract is related with the category, but how can i categorize each area of boreholesGrassBuffer vector?
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