[GRASS-user] Convert landsat for pansharpening

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Wed Jul 1 06:42:49 PDT 2015

* Andrea Peri <aperi2007 at gmail.com> [2015-07-01 09:54:59 +0200]:

> Hi,
> Following the hint of Anna (use the python file) I have success to
> start the script.
> But I have some error.
> More probably I insert wrong values.
> Infact the script ask me the
> "high resolution panchromatic image" . I insert the B8 from landsat8
> that is the high resolution image.
> after the script ask for the "Low resolution Multispectral images".
> Here I need to insert the three images : B4,B3 and B2 of landsat8.
> But I'm not sure how to insert them in a combo-list so I click three
> time in this sequence: B4 B3 B2" and see they are added one after the
> other.

You can enter as many (multi-spectral) bands as you wish, separated by
comma.  For example:

i.fusion.hpf pan=B8 msx=B4,B3,B2 --o -l center=mid modulation=max

You can play with the parameters center and modulation.


[rest deleted]

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