[GRASS-user] r.profile fails to print elevation

Stuart Edwards sedwards2 at cinci.rr.com
Sun Jun 7 08:02:15 PDT 2015

Hi -

Great to see that r.profile is now working so well - at least in interactive mode through the wxgui profile tool.  However, I'm having problems using r.profile directly where I use a table of vector points to define the profile.  r.profile reads the vector file and computes the transect lengths, but does not appear to query the raster map at each point - or if it does, the results are not printed.  Interactively, the raster map (DEM) works well as the subject map for analysis.  Here's what is returned from r.profile:

r.profile input=DEM at mymaps output=profilepoints.csv file=pipe_sp.csv resolution=10 units=feet
Using resolution: 32.8084 [feet]
Output columns:
Along track dist. [feet], Elevation
Approx. transect length: 951.007507 [feet]
Approx. transect length: 1598.138340 [feet]
Approx. transect length: 709.834684 [feet]
Approx. transect length: 2040.197805 [feet]
Approx. transect length: 113.646183 [feet]
Approx. transect length: 259.883910 [feet]
Approx. transect length: 333.752161 [feet]
Approx. transect length: 871.612186 [feet]

a minor problem is that even when the units are specified as 'feet', the resolution is read as 'meters'.  Easy to work around - but could be confusing if not noticed.

Any assistance much appreciated.


GRASS 7.0.0 64 bit  2015-01-20 (Barton Binaries)
Mac OS X 10.10.3
MacBookPro 2014

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