[GRASS-user] Problems with g.gui.iclass on Windows 7

Kozlova Maria kclo at ya.ru
Mon Jun 22 06:10:08 PDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

I have some problems with 

1. Fail to delete erroneous training areas following the instruction found in the manual and video.
2. Cannot visualize scatterplots to find the position (coordinates) of various classes in spectral space. When I choose Image group (clicking left button in Plot window) I see the window "Loading data" and then nothing happens.  The youtube video I watched doesn't include the description of that tool so I cannot understand how can I obtain the scatterplots?

Best regards,

Maria V. Kozlova

  Information System Lab. (ISysLab)
  State Oceanographic Institute,
  Kropotkinsky per., 6,
  MOSCOW, 119034,
  tel.    +7 499 246 6448
  fax.    +7 499 246 7288
  mailto:  kclo at yandex.ru 

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