[GRASS-user] i.landsat.toar how correctly set the metadata file

Andrea Peri aperi2007 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 02:29:05 PDT 2015

I'm trying to do the step reported in this doc:

But have some trouble with the

Infact the gui ask for a prefix for metadata file.
So as in the doc I put the file:

But this value is refused as unavailable.
So using the navigate tools I choose the full name of the metadata file


With this value the command start correctly, and produce the first
image for B1 band,

but when it try to produce the second image (for B2 band)
it report an error saying that the
header file for

Is not available.
This is not true at all because the metadata file should be one only
for all the bands image.

What I'm wrong ?

Many thx.

Andrea Peri
. . . . . . . . .
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