[GRASS-user] v.extrude - keeping attribute table?

Jon Sundquist grass at sundquist.imapmail.org
Wed Nov 4 08:59:56 PST 2015

I would add I am running Grass 6.4.4

I just noticed the v.extrude manual for Grass 7.0 adds this additional

"v.extrude modifies only features geometry. Feature categories
remain untouched and attribute data is copied from input vector map
to the output."

Perhaps this functionality was added with 7.0?  Or is it the case that
just the manual was updated?

Regardless, I will try updating to 7.


On Tue, Nov 3, 2015, at 10:08 PM, Jon Sundquist wrote:
> I have data on environmental parameters at varying depth intervals.
> For each polygon of area, I duped the polygon data layer into multiple
> data layers, with each data layer having a single depth-specific
> record (I would ideally like to do it as the poster was asking about
> in this thread -
> http://osgeo-org.1560.x6.nabble.com/automate-v-extrude-from-a-table-td4978722.html#a4978730
> but there seemed to be no easy way to do this other than some complex
> python scripting, so I separated/duped each polygon by hand and then
> all the records except for the one corresponding to that depth
> interval, before it got extruded).
> I then ran v.extrude to generate the volume corresponding to each
> separate data layer.  However, the resulting 3d data layer does not
> appear to have an attribute table.
> Does v.extrude not "bring along" the attribute table or am I doing
> something wrong?
> I need the attribute table info, since I plan to merge these separate
> extruded data layers into a single data layer and then query them
> based on the a field value and then visualize the results in nviz.
> However, if the attribute table doesn't follow into the extruded
> shape, then I can't query.
> Ideas?
> JS
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