[GRASS-user] g.remove: WARNING Unable to remove misc element

patrick s. patrick_gis at gmx.net
Tue Sep 8 05:30:41 PDT 2015

Dear all

I process several rasters in a loop and sum up the results. During the 
processing I keep getting multiple warnings. A simplified version of the 
code and the warnings are given below. Can somebody please help me to 
understand these warnings. Is there a setting to avoid the "Intermediate 
files" meantioned.

Any help is highly appreciated.


## Codeexample (simplified)
count=1 #init
r_1=rand(1,1000) #random raster
while read line
     r.mapcalc expr="r_$count=rand(1,1000)" --o -s #random raster
     r.mapcalc "r_all =r1 + r_$count" --overwrite
     g.remove type=raster name=r_lakeview_1,r_lakeview_$count -f #cleanup
     g.rename rast=r_all,r_1 #old,new
     g.remove type=raster name=r_all -f #not needed
done < lakes_ha_pt.csv

## Warning
Removing raster <r_1>
WARNING: Unable to remove misc element
Rename raster <r_all> to <r_1>
WARNING: Unable to rename misc
Intermediate files will not be deleted in case of abnormal termination.
Intermediate location:
To save space delete these files manually!
Memory manager registering memory in MM_IGNORE_MEMORY_EXCEEDED mode.
Start sweeping.

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