[GRASS-user] d.rast.edit problem grass70 in ubuntu 14.04

Carmine Massarelli carmine.massarelli at ba.irsa.cnr.it
Mon Sep 14 04:14:13 PDT 2015

I had a lot of problem digiting a raster with d.rast.edit; the only way 
to avoid crash and changes losses is insert new values, then enter and 
it changes in white (no possible to choose another color or apply two 
different changes), then save and exit (if there are a lot of changes 
the possibility to crash increase and if i change the view i am not able 
to visualise the change not saved).
Have I to move to dev version to use a stable plugin?


Dr. Nat. Carmine Massarelli, Ph.D. / Technologist
carmine.massarelli a ba.irsa.cnr.it <mailto:carmine.massarelli a ba.irsa.cnr.it>

National Research Council - Institute of Water Research

Addr: Via De Blasio, n.5 - 70132 (Ba)

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