[GRASS-user] Import point time-series as space-time dataset

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Thu Sep 17 02:20:16 PDT 2015

On 17/09/15 10:43, Laurent C. wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm working with files that represent the variation of a value over
> time for a single point.
> Looks like that:
> 0       1200
> 0.03125 1380
> 0.125   1500
> 0.3125  1620
> 0.65625 1740
> I need to import them as a raster space-time dataset.
> What I'm doing now is using a python script that does that for me.

What exactly does you script do ?

> Is there a way to do that with GRASS modules?

Does that mean that each line represents one raster with one non-null 
pixel ? If yes, then I don't see much else then iterating over the file, 
using something like r.in.xyz to import each line as a raster and in 
parallel writing a text file with the map name and start time. This file 
can then be fed to t.register to register all the files into a 
space-time dataset. AFAIK, the temporal modules do not directly handle 
import & export of data (except for space-time datasets exported from 


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