[GRASS-user] help t.rast.algebra

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Wed Sep 23 23:58:02 PDT 2015

On 18/09/15 17:38, Veronica Andreo wrote:
> Hi Soeren, list
> I need some help with t.rast.algebra. Well, if it is that my problem is
> really a t.rast.algebra problem...
> I have 2 strds with different granularities. A is an annual time series
> that contains the min annual temperature, B is a monthly time series
> containing the min monthly temperature. I want to compare the two of
> them, and when a pixel of B equals that of A, I need to get the
> start_month(B) but with the temporal resolution of A. So, what I want as
> output is a yearly time series containing the month in which the minimum
> temperature of each year occurs. Does that make any sense??
> I been studying t.rast.algebra all morning now and trying different kind
> of relationships (with no success), and I got lost in the different
> relationships and the different ways to express them.
> Can someone point me to the right way of using t.rast.algebra for this
> problem?

No help for t.rast.algebra, but wouldn't looping over the years and 
applying t.rast.series with method=min_raster get you what you want ?


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