[GRASS-user] Problems with r.basin

Enzo battaglia.enzo at tiscali.it
Mon Sep 28 12:43:42 PDT 2015

Sorry for previous mail..

Hi all,
I'm running into problems with r.basin (Grass 7.0 in Ubuntu 14.04 lts).  I
"g.region -p -a raster=<Input_DTM a user>  align=<Input_DTM a user>"
"r.basin -a --overwrite map=<Input_DTM a user> prefix=out coordinates=x0,y0
dir=/home/usr/ threshold=200"
It works fine when I use the GRASS GIS sample data "North Carolina". Using
the data I'm working on I receive instead this error message: 

Updating database...
1 categories read from vector map (layer 1)
1 records selected from table (layer 1)
1 categories read from vector map exist in selection from table
1 records updated/inserted (layer 1)
Fetching data...
An ERROR occurred running r.basin
Please check for error messages above or try with another pairs of outlet
coordinates Removing region definition <original>"

I tried different pairs of outlet coordinates without success. Looking at
the results, the problem seems related to the r.stream.extract module which
fails in outputting the rasters related to the stream network (e.g.
out_stream_e, ut_stream_horton etc). All these raster maps show only a pixel
at the outlet snap point position. If i try the r.stream.extract module: 
"r.stream.extract --overwrite elevation=<Input_DTM>
accumulation=<out_accumulation"> I get this error: 
"ERROR: Accumulation raster map is NULL but elevation map is not NULL".
The r.watershed and r.water.outlet modules work fine instead.
Does anyone know what the problem is ?
Thank you,
Cheers, Enzo

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