[GRASS-user] Problems with r.basin

battaglia.enzo at tiscali.it battaglia.enzo at tiscali.it
Mon Sep 28 00:07:18 PDT 2015

  Hi all,

I'm running into problems with r.basin (Grass 7.0 in Ubuntu
14.04 lts). 

I use: 
_"__g.region -p -a raster= align="_
_"r.basin -a
--overwrite map= prefix=out coordinates=x0,y0 dir=/home/usr/

It works fine when I use the GRASS GIS sample data
"North Carolina". Using the data I'm working on I receive instead this
error message: 

_Updating database..._
_ 100%_
_1 categories
read from vector map (layer 1)_
_1 records selected from table (layer
_1 categories read from vector map exist in selection from table_
records updated/inserted (layer 1)_


_An ERROR occurred running
_Please check for error messages above or try with another
pairs of outlet__ __coordinates_
_Removing region definition _"

I tried
different pairs of outlet coordinates_ _without success. Looking at the
results, the problem seems related to the r.stream.extract module which
fails in outputting the rasters related to the stream network (e.g.
out_stream_e, ut_stream_horton etc). All these raster maps show only a
pixel at the outlet snap point position. 

If i try the r.stream.extract
_"r.stream.extract --overwrite elevation=

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