[GRASS-user] PostgreSQL raster and vector import

patrick s. patrick_gis at gmx.net
Wed Feb 3 06:48:53 PST 2016

Dear list

I need some help on importing PostGIS raster with r.in.gdal and schema 
support under v.in.ogr.

"r.in.gdal -f" shows support: "PostGISRaster (rw): PostGIS Raster driver"
But I did not find any example on how to formulate the dsn/input.

Unfortunately there is no hint in the manual of grass70 on how to work 
with schemas (there was one in 64).
I had a script in grass64 of following syntax, which is still working:

v.in.ogr dsn="PG:dbname=psql_local active_schema=my_dataschema" 
layer=gws_buildings --overwrite

However, I would like to form this more general as a variable for all 
incoming data, which is not working:

INPATH="PG:dbname=psql_local active_schema=my_dataschema"
v.in.ogr in=$INPATH out=bldg_pt layer=gws_buildings --overwrite
=>ERROR: v.in.ogr: Sorry, <active_schema> is not a valid parameter

Also the approach described in the manual of grass64 does not work any 

db.connect driver=pg database=psql_local schema=my_dataschema
v.in.ogr in=./ out=bldg_pt layer=gws_buildings --overwrite
=>ERROR: Unable to open data source <./>

Thanks for any help,

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