[GRASS-user] Examples of use of r.gwflow

Huub Munstege hmunstege at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 6 07:39:15 PST 2016

Hello dear GRASS users community,
We're interested in using the "Groundwater modeling" in GRASS GIS. Searching the net doesn't give many actual results / examples. One article of 2005 (http://hidro.ufcg.edu.br/twiki/pub/Disciplinas/GeotecnologiaAplicada/Renato.pdf) uses an older version (r.gmtg that was based on MODFLOW). Has any of you experience / examples of the use of the actual module r.gwflow? We are looking for a way to model the groundwater recharge from small reservoirs in Mali. 
Thanks in advance,Huub
 Ir. H.F.M Munstege
Consultant indépendant - Gestion des ressources en eaux
mob. +223 - 78370695 (Mali)
mob. +227 - 91279637 (Niger) 
Badalabougou, rue 108 - porte 679
Rép. du Mali

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