[GRASS-user] select only patches with 1-cell width

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Thu Apr 20 14:26:10 PDT 2017

* Giuseppe Amatulli <giuseppe.amatulli at gmail.com> [2017-04-20 12:05:42 -0400]:


Hi Giuseppe,

>I have a huge streams/lakes dataset and I want to be able to select only
>water bodies (streams) with 1-cell width.
>In other words if i have this raster
>[image: Inline images 1]
>I want to select only this streams
>[image: Inline images 2]

Interesting. I don't think there already exists a grass command to do

Just an idea: a function, carefully designed to select only pixels with max.
two neighboring pixels, max. two in a row, max. two in a column or two in a
diagonal, etc.

Perhaps a filter? A moving window that will scan the image and "collect"
only pixels that satisfy carefully thought criteria.


>Any suggestion or grass command that does such operation.
>Thank you
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