[GRASS-user] Importing NAIP from WMS?

Jeshua Lacock jeshua at 3DTOPO.com
Mon Jul 3 20:41:58 PDT 2017

> On Jul 3, 2017, at 8:57 PM, Randal Hale <rjhale at northrivergeographic.com> wrote:
> I don't know if it would help but you can grab the NAIP from the USDA Datagateway: https://datagateway.nrcs.usda.gov/GDGHome_DirectDownLoad.aspx
> They are SID format - so I download and uncompress them to tiff.

Hi Randy,

Thank you. 

Unfortunately the SID versions are too compressed for my needs - I am looking for the JP2 data.

I got a list of all of them from the National Map, but they only have links to meta data - not the full res JP2 file. For instance:

Field names:
Result Number,NAIP Entity ID ,State,Agency,Vendor,Map Projection,Projection Zone,Datum,Resolution,Units,Number of Bands,Sensor Type,Project Name,Acquisition Date,Center Latitude,Center Longitude,NW Corner Lat,NW Corner Long,NE Corner Lat,NE Corner Long,SE Corner Lat,SE Corner Long,SW Corner Lat,SW Corner Long,Center Latitude dec,Center Longitude dec,NW Corner Lat dec,NW Corner Long dec,NE Corner Lat dec,NE Corner Long dec,SE Corner Lat dec,SE Corner Long dec,SW Corner Lat dec,SW Corner Long dec,Entity ID,FGDC Metadata Link,Display ID,Ordering ID,Browse Link

Example record:

I would be able to walk a directory, but they don’t allow access to view them, and I can’t find a way to create a bulk download request with the National Map (as far as I can tell you have to add each page of results to the download cart).


Jeshua Lacock

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