[GRASS-user] Grass 7.4.0 install error

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 11:24:10 PST 2018


2018-02-04 18:34 GMT+01:00 David Kodi <kodi75.waze at gmail.com>:
> I then installed GRASS 7.4.0 independently.   Running 7.4.0 produces a
> series 0x000007b application errors - from clean_temp.exe and g.gisenv.exe.
> The Error message "Process ended with non-zero return code -1073741571" may
> apply, but this is a fresh installation of GRASS.  Other error posts point
> to vcredist packages, so I reinstalled the distribution packages without any
> luck.

I remember that I had problem with first produced binaries for G740. I
got similar problem as you. The second build was fine. When do you
have installed G740 using OSGeo4W exactly? 32bit or 64bit? Try to
remove cached packages (to force downloading package again) and then
reinstall `grass` package.


Martin Landa

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