[GRASS-user] New AddOns for downloading and importing Sentinel products

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Mon Feb 19 05:44:08 PST 2018

>Has anyone else tried this on Windows ? 

tested here with

GRASS version: 7.4.0                                                            
GRASS SVN revision: r72154                                                      
Build date: 2018-01-27                                                          
Build platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32                                              
GDAL: 2.2.3                                                                     
PROJ.4: 4.9.3                                                                   
GEOS: 3.5.0                                                                     
SQLite: 3.17.0                                                                  
Python: 2.7.5                                                                   
Platform: Windows-8-6.2.9200 (OSGeo4W) 

r.sentinel.download -l user=myusesr password=mypwd                       
1a51afeb-9d18-410a-aec3-2366cfe22d81 2018-01-24T10:13:09Z 10% S2MSI1C
e6cda378-d2e4-4c9c-809f-524b3a354ec2 2018-01-29T10:12:51Z 12% S2MSI1C
84b5b211-69a8-4f96-beae-02ff05e87d36 2017-12-22T10:04:19Z 19% S2MSI1C
6fc7a685-971c-49ef-ad86-b993ef644b2a 2018-02-10T10:01:39Z 19% S2MSI1C
e64633ea-d302-49c7-a7ed-fdbf143b3b2f 2017-12-25T10:14:19Z 24% S2MSI1C
5 Sentinel product(s) found

no time to test the download itself at the moment

best regards
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