[GRASS-user] Map boudaries in r.diversity (and r.li)

Bernardo Santos bernardo_brandaum at yahoo.com.br
Tue Feb 20 10:53:38 PST 2018

Dear list,
I am using r.diversity to calculate indices of landscape diversity using land use maps as input. However, the output maps do not include the edges - the moving window excludes the edge pixels. Am I missing something?
Is there a way to create a flag (maybe by setting something in the r.li setup file) to include or not these pixels? (i.e., the NULL cells outside the map limits won't transform the diversity indices in NULL in these boundary cells)I know this may bias the result at the map boundaries, creating a king of edge effect, but this could be a decision of the users (with a proper warning, maybe).
For instance, when I use moving windows with r.neighbors, I can choose to have information for these cells by using select=input_map, in which the same input map is used to generate information for these boundary cells.
Thanks for you attention.BestBernardo Niebuhr
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