[GRASS-user] How to get the area of a polygon in a layer

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Mon Oct 15 02:39:04 PDT 2018

* Kalindu Perera <kkc199408 at gmail.com> [2018-10-15 13:28:15 +0530]:

>Dear all,
>We are doing wildfire simulation in Grass GIS. We need to compare the area
>of 2 wildfire spreads after wildfire simulation ran. We tried to calculate
>the area of the spread using r.surf.area module. But we couldn't identify
>which is the area of the simulation from areas given from that. Could
>anyone tell us how to get an area from spread like this?

Dear Kalindu,

please post exact commands you already tried.

What are the simulation output maps?
Fitst, what does `r.category` and `r.report` return when used for simulation

Then, maybe you need to "extract", each time, the "burned" area, then
use `r.surf.area` on it?


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