[GRASS-user] d.rast in python script

Stefan Blumentrath Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Mon Oct 22 01:20:05 PDT 2018

Hi Frank,

I think Laurents solution is for rendering maps to file/image.

Do I understand you correctly, that you are looking for a solution for adding maps to the currently active map display (and respective Layer manager)?

I have not found a documentation and would be interested too. I assume one has to use wxgui code, like e.g. here:

Yet, having the “Add created map(s) into layer tree” tick-box that core modules have available also for addons (without GUI programming for addon devs) would be nice (if possible)…

Kind regards,

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Hello Laurent,

Thank you for your help. I'm very surprised by the complexity of the way to display a raster. I thought that only d.rast was needed. Other grass command are so simple to use...

Anayway, I don't understand why you need to set a image width and height. is it pixel number between west to east and south to north from region ?

and from where "img_file_name" is coming ? (my layer's name is "my_map")

To remove raster from display, I just manually remove from the layer tree.



Le 20/10/2018 à 23:06, Laurent C. a écrit :
Hello Frank,

It is not very straightforward, but it is possible.
Here is an example on how I do it:

import os
import grass.script as gscript
from grass.pygrass.gis.region import Region

# Set general env
os.environ['GRASS_RENDER_IMMEDIATE'] = "cairo"

# Set image size using the region
region = Region()
xr = region.cols
yr = region.rows
ratio = xr/yr
height = int(WIDTH / ratio)  # Choose the width you like
os.environ['GRASS_RENDER_WIDTH'] = str(WIDTH)
os.environ['GRASS_RENDER_HEIGHT'] = str(height)

# Then you can draw
os.environ['GRASS_RENDER_FILE'] = img_file_name
gscript.run_command('d.rast', map=my_map, quiet=True)

Be aware that every time you run your script, it will add layer on the file.
So you might want to delete the png file between the runs.


Le ven. 19 oct. 2018 à 13:00, Frank David <frank.david at geophom.fr<mailto:frank.david at geophom.fr>> a écrit :
> Hello,
> I wrote some python script and I do not find how to display created
> rasters.
> I tried to use d.rast but I believe this command is not designed to be
> used in python script (no monitor available with d.mon -l). Am I wright
> ? so how to do ?...
> Thank you for your help.
> Frank
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