[GRASS-user] r.basin error

pelempito hoyodepelempito at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 12:30:40 PDT 2018

Thanks Helmut for your reply.

Certainly having two areas is not a desirable result, but I am not sure if
there is a problem with the DEM. One of the areas encompasses an isolated
pixel, which in fact is the basin outlet. This polygon is connected
diagonally with the other one, which is the main area of the basin. Is it an
issue of the DEM? The picture below shows the DEM cropped in the basin area,
as well as the polygons and the main channel:


Many of my basins have an outlet such as the one described above. Should I
move the outlets to the main area? Such a solution would be a bit
impractical. However, some basin outlets may fall on an isolated pixel,
which may not be considered as an error.

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