[GRASS-user] r.basin error

Jose Ramon hoyodepelempito at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 23 10:22:13 PDT 2018

Hi Margherita and thanks for your reply.

In attention to your comment, I delved a little deeper in the issue. What I
found is that many other subbasins have a "normally" placed outlet. Below I
include an example of such a situation (the subbasin is depicted in pink,
and the black dot stands for the outlet):


This case may be reproduced with the following code using the DEM provided
in the first message of the thread:
r.basin --overwrite --verbose map=hydrodem prefix=cuenca903
coordinates=322605,2055705 threshold=22 dir=/tmp/tst/903

Definitely, I couldn't find a common pattern for all the subbasins having
the issue.

I think that maybe the issue arises when the g.region command is called,
which may prevent r.width.funct or other addons to run smoothly.

I am not sure if this helps, but below I included two partial views of the
command output of r.basin. The one on the left side is a successful run; the
one on the right shows a failure when r.width.funct starts to run.


Finally, I installed the updated version of r.width.funct (which includes
the itemgetter function and other changes) and the issue is still there, but
now it also fails with basins that previously worked well for me.

I appreciate any suggestion.

Best regards.


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