[GRASS-user] r.basin error

Jose Ramon hoyodepelempito at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 23 12:21:11 PDT 2018

Hi again.

I tried a workaround, which is not perfect, but at least allows me to get
the CSV file, which is my main interest by now.

I commented the lines that calls r.width.funct in the r.basin script, so
lines 344-347 looks like this.
#        grass.message( "------------------------------" )

#        grass.run_command('r.width.funct', map = r_distance,
#                                  image = os.path.join(directory,prefix))

I used this version with 5 known "problematic" basins and it generated the
CSV files successfully. Obviously, it didn't generate the width function
plot, but it is not a major concern for me now.

I will try to use this version with the 4000 basins (will take maybe 10
hours or less), and will let you know if new issues arises. Would like to
run this in parallel (from within R using rgrass7 package), but I
unsuccessfully tried this approach days before. I guess that since r.basin
calls g.region for each basin, it is impossible to have consistent results
when running it in parallel.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions regarding the issues with

Best regards.


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