[GRASS-user] d.rast in python script

Frank David frank.david at geophom.fr
Wed Oct 24 00:34:47 PDT 2018

Hi Stephan,

Thank you for the ticket. One thing seems to me important. Some (of my) 
scripts can generate numerous rasters and one or two cumulative raster. 
I don't want to add base rasters but only the few cumulative. If the 
script GUI have a check box, how to make the choice between these I want 
to display and those I don't want ?

For my point of view, the use of d.rast inside the script, as we do for 
all other grass command, should be possible, in order to display what we 
want to display.



Le 24/10/2018 à 09:23, Stefan Blumentrath a écrit :
> Hei Nikos, Frank,
> I opened an enhancement ticket, and asked to activate the "Add created 
> map(s) into layer tree" also for addons:
> https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/3686. No idea what changes this 
> would require…
> Would that cover your needs, Frank, or do you have a more interactive 
> use in a python script in mind?
> You can start a wx monitor (d.mon wx0) and add a map there, but I have 
> not found a way to address the currently active Map Display …
> This would probably require additional function(s) in the Python 
> libraries…?
> Maybe this question is better asked at the developer list (thus I put 
> grass-dev in CC).
> Cheers
> Stefan
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> *Subject:* Re: [GRASS-user] d.rast in python script
> Le 23/10/2018 à 23:26, Nikos Alexandris a écrit :
>     * Frank David <frank.david at geophom.fr>
>     <mailto:frank.david at geophom.fr> [2018-10-23 22:06:01 +0200]:
>         Thank you everybody for your help. Do you know why a
>         run_command("d.rast"... in a python script is not enough to
>         display a raster ? I don't understand why this command is so
>         different.
>     Display a raster map where?
>     Nikos
> In the active map display (and respective Layer manager) as d.rast do 
> it with gui...
> Frank
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