[GRASS-user] d.rast in python script

Frank David frank.david at geophom.fr
Wed Oct 24 01:48:14 PDT 2018


Your last message makes me search after G_OPT_OUTPUT. I had never 
realized that this option makes the "add to tree layer" check box appear 
on the script GUI.

All my scripts create rasters without G_OPT_OUTPUT option (because the 
name of output are handled by the script itself) and so, without check 
box. Using d.rast could keep interesting i think in order to select 
witch one should be display or not, but for the moment I can (may be) 
overtake that limitation by using the G_OPT_OUTPUT option (I will see).

Sorry for confusing. And thank you very much for your help. I let you 
see if the ticket you had post is appropriate.



Le 24/10/2018 à 10:13, Stefan Blumentrath a écrit :
> Hi Frank,
> My guess is that the GRASS standard parser options [1] (e.g. 
> G_OPT_R_OUTPUT, G_OPT_R_OUTPUTS,G_OPT_V_OUTPUT, …) would be used in 
> order to determine what has to be / could be added to the map display…
> But I am no GUI dev, and cannot tell for sure, hope experts on that 
> part of the code could chime in …
> And yes, I agree that a convenient function in the Python library for 
> adding a map in the currently active layer manager would be a nice new 
> feature (if it does not exist and I just overlooked it)…
> Maybe another ticket?...
> Cheers
> Stefan
> 1: https://grass.osgeo.org/grass74/manuals/parser_standard_options.html
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> *Subject:* Re: [GRASS-user] d.rast in python script
> Hi Stephan,
> Thank you for the ticket. One thing seems to me important. Some (of 
> my) scripts can generate numerous rasters and one or two cumulative 
> raster. I don't want to add base rasters but only the few cumulative. 
> If the script GUI have a check box, how to make the choice between 
> these I want to display and those I don't want ?
> For my point of view, the use of d.rast inside the script, as we do 
> for all other grass command, should be possible, in order to display 
> what we want to display.
> Cheers,
> Frank
> Le 24/10/2018 à 09:23, Stefan Blumentrath a écrit :
>     Hei Nikos, Frank,
>     I opened an enhancement ticket, and asked to activate the "Add
>     created map(s) into layer tree" also for addons:
>     https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/3686. No idea what changes
>     this would require…
>     Would that cover your needs, Frank, or do you have a more
>     interactive use in a python script in mind?
>     You can start a wx monitor (d.mon wx0) and add a map there, but I
>     have not found a way to address the currently active Map Display …
>     This would probably require additional function(s) in the Python
>     libraries…?
>     Maybe this question is better asked at the developer list (thus I
>     put grass-dev in CC).
>     Cheers
>     Stefan
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>     *Subject:* Re: [GRASS-user] d.rast in python script
>     Le 23/10/2018 à 23:26, Nikos Alexandris a écrit :
>         * Frank David <frank.david at geophom.fr>
>         <mailto:frank.david at geophom.fr> [2018-10-23 22:06:01 +0200]:
>             Thank you everybody for your help. Do you know why a
>             run_command("d.rast"... in a python script is not enough
>             to display a raster ? I don't understand why this command
>             is so different.
>         Display a raster map where?
>         Nikos
>     In the active map display (and respective Layer manager) as d.rast
>     do it with gui...
>     Frank
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