[GRASS-user] Call for mentors for Google Code-In 2018

Veronica Andreo veroandreo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 14:42:26 PDT 2018

Hello GRASS community,

This is a call for mentors for the Google Code-In 2018 contest :)

Google Code-In is a competition addressed to high-school students aged
13-17, as an introduction to the open source world. Students are supposed
to complete as much tasks as possible to win the contest. These tasks
should be short simple stuff (3-5 hours), but since they have to complete
several to win, we need to plan lots of them and be available to review
what the students submit rather quickly.

We had plenty of eager students in last year's edition. For that reason, it
is better if we are more mentors. Here is the GRASS wiki [0] with results
from last year. Note that *many contributions have been included into grass
source code. *It was a pretty intensive contest last year and it was
demanding, but it was very fulfilling to see these kids installing or
compiling GRASS, making examples for manuals or developing tests for
modules. One of them, is still around and asking how to contribute
further... :)

This year, Google has shrunk and shifted the period, so the contest will
run from
October 23 till December 12. Of course, there's also some preparations to
do beforehand, especially writing many detailed short tasks. So far, we
have created a new wiki for 2018 recollection of ideas [1]. Please sign in
if you are interested in mentoring or contributing with ideas for simple

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to speak out or
contact me or Luca personally. The more we are, the merrier ;)



[0] https://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GRASS_GCI_Ideas_2017#Results
[1] https://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GRASS_GCI_Ideas_2018
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