[GRASS-user] Versions question

Hernán De Angelis dhdeangelis at comhem.se
Sat Sep 22 10:09:45 PDT 2018


In my system the executables for the different grass versions look like 




There was no confusion when updating the svn trunk (grass7_trunk).

I guess that the problem will disappear if you delete the installed 
executable, the installed grass folder, and then make a new fresh install.


On 9/22/18 7:01 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:
> Looking at the web site's source download page I see that the svn trunk
> was changed last month to 7.7svn. Removing the ~/gis/grass/grass7_trunk/
> directory and running "svn checkout 
> https://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass/trunk
> grass7_trunk" then building from scratch and installing the latest 
> release
> (73393?) I expected to see the new 7.7 version when I started grass.
> However, I still see:
> $ grass --version
> GRASS GIS 7.5.svn
>   And starting grass shows:
> Welcome to GRASS GIS 7.5.svn (exported)
> and
> GRASS 7.5.svn :~/data/grassdata >
>   When I run 'find / -name grass-7.5' nothing is found.
>   What changes these version displays with the new build?
> Rich
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