[GRASS-user] Qn on 'exhibit scale' to print maps

Vishal Mehta vishalm1975 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 15:14:22 PST 2019

Hi all,

I had someone ask me about how to print a map at 'exhibit scale'.
Basically, if a map scale is say 1 inch : 100 feet, they want to make sure
that the printed map is such that the printed scale on the printed map is
actually 1 inch in measurement.

I was told this is common practice in construction, design CAD work.

So i thought this was probably to do with setting the resolution (dpi) and
size of the map image file (jpg) and experimented around. I was surprised
to find that indeed i could not easily get the map printed the way i
wanted. i ran into issues of printer resolution too (which i dont think has
anything to do with the solution)

This is probably a dumb qn, but i'd appreciate an answer!


Vishal K. Mehta, PhD
Sr. Scientist
Stockholm Environment Institute - US
133 D St Suite F
Davis CA 95616
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