[GRASS-user] Qn on 'exhibit scale' to print maps

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
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Hi Vishal,
My rule of thumb is ALWAYS put a scale-bar on any map.
These days the map maker never knows how/where/on what their maps may be 

I know your query relates to a fixed one-off map print under controlled 
conditions, but my comment relates to weening map readers off numeric 


On 2019/12/19 01:14, Vishal Mehta wrote:
> Hi all,
> I had someone ask me about how to print a map at 'exhibit scale'. 
> Basically, if a map scale is say 1 inch : 100 feet, they want to make 
> sure that the printed map is such that the printed scale on the 
> printed map is actually 1 inch in measurement.
> I was told this is common practice in construction, design CAD work.
> So i thought this was probably to do with setting the resolution (dpi) 
> and size of the map image file (jpg) and experimented around. I was 
> surprised to find that indeed i could not easily get the map printed 
> the way i wanted. i ran into issues of printer resolution too (which i 
> dont think has anything to do with the solution)
> This is probably a dumb qn, but i'd appreciate an answer!
> Thanks!
> Vishal
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