[GRASS-user] i.sentinel.import imports empty maps

Veronica Andreo veroandreo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 06:20:10 PST 2020

Hi all,

I'm using i.sentinel.import with -r flag to import sentinel scenes into a
latlong location. No matter if I use, extent=region or extent=input, I get
empty maps imported.

Estimated target resolution for input band
<T21JYM_20200126T134201_B8A_20m>: 0.00018570053194443554
Using given resolution for input band <T21JYM_20200126T134201_B8A_20m>:
Reprojecting <T21JYM_20200126T134201_B8A_20m>...
ERROR: The reprojected raster <T21JYM_20200126T134201_B8A_20m> is empty

Meanwhile a normal r.import with input and output, imports the map
properly. Is it possible that i.sentinel.import tries to set a 20
resolution also in a lat long location???That would be degrees then, and
hence the empty maps...

BTW, I noted that grass-addons repo does not have the issues activated.
With trac closed for new tickets, I think it is necessary to activate
issues in grass-addons too

Thanks much in advance

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