[GRASS-user] i.segment vs. i.segment.gsoc

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Thu Jun 11 03:52:33 PDT 2020

i.segment.gsoc is the original version developed during GSoC. i.segment is ann optimized version that was originally based on the GSoC work, but has known different developments since, including in the way the threshold parameter is applied.

I would recommend using i.segment.


Am 10. Juni 2020 13:13:33 MESZ schrieb mbrauchler at posteo.de:
>Hello list,
>I am working on segmentation of aerial imagery in forest areas and have
>used both modules (i.segment and i.segment.gsoc) for some experiments.
>When running i.segment and i.segment.gsoc with radioweight = 1 on the 
>same dataset with a threshold of 0.3, I assumed the output should be 
>similar, but it isn't.
>In the manual of i.segment.gsoc it is stated that the threshold will be
>multiplied by the number of rasters in the image group, so I tried a 
>threshold of 0.1 in i.segment.gsoc vs a threshold of 0.3 in i.segment
>I have 3 rasters in my image group. Although the results are now more 
>similar, they still vary a lot.
>I have attached the images to show the derived segments from i.segment 
>0.3 and i.segment.gsoc 0.1. Can someone help me to understand why this 
>is happening? I would appreciate it.
>Kind regards,
>Melanie Brauchler

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