[GRASS-user] r.hants and r.series.lwr in Windows

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Fri Jun 26 01:48:32 PDT 2020

>I am trying to establish a workflow to gapfill temporal maps using r.hants
>and r.series.lwr. It is important that the solution also works in windows
>for the teaching.
>The issue I am encountering is that both r.hants and r.series.lwr are
>returning 0 values in Windows with a majority of the valid pixels in the
>original raster converted to NULL() in outputs.
>While in Linux it works well and gives the intended results.
>*Windows 10,  GRASS 7.8.3 *
>*Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, GRASS 7.8.3*
>Here are the commands I use:
>> *r.series.lwr -l -h -i file=maps.txt suffix=_lwr order=2 weight=tricube
>> range=0,inf fet=0.5 dod=3 maxgap=3 --or.hants -l -h -i file=maps.txt
>> suffix=_hants range=0,inf nf=3 fet=0.5 --o*

trying here with:


r.series.lwr -l -h -i input=ETact_SEBAL_2019_03_mm_month at TMPMAP,ETact_SEBAL_2019_04_mm_month at TMPMAP,ETact_SEBAL_2019_05_mm_month at TMPMAP,ETact_SEBAL_2019_06_mm_month at TMPMAP,ETact_SEBAL_2019_07_mm_month at TMPMAP,ETact_SEBAL_2019_08_mm_month at TMPMAP,ETact_SEBAL_2019_09_mm_month at TMPMAP,ETact_SEBAL_2019_10_mm_month at TMPMAP,ETact_SEBAL_2019_11_mm_month at TMPMAP order=2 fet=0.5 dod=3 range=0,10000000000000000000000000000000000000 maxgap=3


r.univar map=ETact_SEBAL_2019_03_mm_month_lwr at TMPMAP
total null and non-null cells: 10413
total null cells: 417
Of the non-null cells:
n: 9996
minimum: 0
maximum: 78.5551
range: 78.5551
mean: 5.9911
mean of absolute values: 5.9911
standard deviation: 11.3704
variance: 129.287
variation coefficient: 189.789 %
sum: 59887.0226345476


the issue is here in your original command:


winGRASS doesn't recognize inf or INF as infinity.

there is somewhere an old ticket in trac. please open an issue in github for this.

kind regards

[p.s. it's not possible anymore to post via nabble.com in the GRASS ML: Read-Only Archive. You cannot post here. This is a read-only archive. was there any change there in the settings?]

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