[GRASS-user] r.hants and r.series.lwr in Windows

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Fri Jun 26 02:05:08 PDT 2020

>there is somewhere an old ticket in trac.



 My guess - input.d8cut->answer contains extra chars (CR/LF issue?) and thus changing line to read:

if (strncmp(input.d8cut->answer, "infinity", 8) == 0) {

would solve the issue. Still, if it is so, then it is worth to digg deeper to see why it is failing as strcmp is used in many modules.
I guess that the MS Windows version of sscanf does not recognize infinity as a floating point number, while the Linux version does.


IMHO it's still worth to fix the issue with inf/INF as this issue pops up from time to time.

if it's not possible, the manual should be updated where needed that examples work also in winGRASS. PR welcome. :-)

kind regards

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