[GRASS-user] 7.9.dev: make fails to find default

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sun Mar 22 07:52:44 PDT 2020

I'm not sure where to look for the source of this error. On

GRASS GIS 7.9.dev 88393bbbc compilation log
Started compilation: Sun Mar 22 07:14:46 PDT 2020
Errors in:
<list of all changed files>
In case of errors please change into the directory with error and run 'make'.
If you get multiple errors, you need to deal with them in the order they
appear in the error log. If you get an error building a library, you will
also get errors from anything which uses the library.
Finished compilation: Sun Mar 22 07:22:59 PDT 2020
Makefile:57: recipe for target 'default' failed
make: *** [default] Error 1

I've had build failures because of libraries or invalid configuration but
not because a 'default' recipe could not be found. I need a cluestick where
to put a default target.

TIA ... and stay healthy,


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