[GRASS-user] Group basins base on their location

Giuseppe Amatulli giuseppe.amatulli at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 11:31:13 PDT 2020

I was able to delineate basins using
r.watershed-r.stream.extract-r.stream.basins  for the entire globe at 90m
resolution (MERIT-Hydro).
At this point, I would like to create "computational units" which include
several basins that are close by.

To this:
I select the largest basins and create independent computational unit.
Now I remain with all the small basins, with their unique ID, (see below)
that I would like to group by base on their location - a sort of
unsupervised k-mean base on lat-long.
Is there any command that does this?
(r.clump works only for contiguous basins so is not ideal for isolated
Thank you

[image: image.png]

Giuseppe Amatulli, Ph.D.

Research scientist at
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Center for Research Computing
Yale University
New Haven, CT, USA
Teaching: http://spatial-ecology.net
Work:  https://environment.yale.edu/profile/giuseppe-amatulli/
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