[GRASS-user] Some new issues since installing some Python tools

Thomas Adams tea3rd at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 11:43:17 PDT 2021

Hi all!

I have encountered some GRASS (version 7.8.5 on Ubuntu; Python 3.8.5,
wxpython 4.1.1) GUI issues since installing some Python tools (anaconda,
etc.) a few weeks ago when I took an online Python course. Everything went
well during the course. However, while recently getting back to some GRASS
work, I have had these problems using the GRASS GUI:

(1) exporting a map image (any resolution) never completes
(2) saving a new GRASS region, after zooming in, e.g., does nothing and I
get no errors
(3) saving a new region from the command line does work

I'm sure I could find other issues. None of these were problems prior to
installing the Python tools, so I'm pretty sure that's where my issue lies.
I did build my installation from source and since I started seeing these
problems I have re-built from source (twice) after make clean and  running
configure with options -- to no avail. GRASS configures and compiles just
fine, without errors.

Could the problem exist due to incompatible installations of gdal or
another library? Any suggestions?

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