[GRASS-user] v.in.ascii column identifications

Stefan Blumentrath Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Fri Oct 1 12:38:11 PDT 2021

Hi Rich,

Please check your "separator" settings. Default is pipe |, but your data seems to be comma delimited.


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The 8.0.dev manual for v.in.ascii describes the column identifiers:
     Number of column used as x coordinate (points mode)
     First column is 1
     Default: 1
     Number of column used as y coordinate (points mode)
     First column is 1
     Default: 2
     Number of column used as z coordinate (points mode)
     First column is 1. If 0, z coordinate is not used
     Default: 0

Entering v.in.ascii on the command line (lines wrapped in alpine):
v.in.ascii -z
out=lady_xsec_depths for=point x=1 y=2 z=3 col='x double precision, y double precision, z integer' --o

yields this response from GRASS:
WARNING: ntokens: 1, xcol: 0, ycol: 1, zcol: 2
ERROR: Broken row 2: '7709581.42,697951.64,24'

When I change the command to match the above:
ERROR: Column numbers must not be negative GRASS project/bathymetry:analyses > ERROR: Column numbers must not be negative

And when I try it again:
bash: GRASS: command not found

What might be going on here? Now neither the command line nor the GUI will import an ASCII point file.


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